Dance Should Be For Everyone

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Rhythm Xpress is an integrated Dance Team representing Maryland and the USA at the Local, State, National and World Special Olympics. We are dedicated to raising the profile of dancers as athletes and dance as a part of a healthy lifestyle. We believe dance should be accessible to everyone. Rhythm Xpress focuses on helping dancers with special needs to improve their confidence, raise their fitness levels and become leaders in their communities through dance. 

This spring, in April 2017, for the first time, dancers who compete in the dance competition at the World Special Olympics were also invited to perform at the Closing Ceremonies of the Games. This was a very high honor for our dancers and a huge opportunity for us to showcase dance as both an art form and a fitness program. 


How You Can Help

Because dance is not yet a sanctioned sport at the Special Olympics, we need your donations to help our team travel to future World Special Olympic Games. Our goal is to provide our dancers with flights, accommodations, food and costumes with no out of pocket expenses for them or their families. Your dollars will not be used to pay for this website, administrative costs or anyone's wages. Rhythm Xpress, Inc is a registered non-profit organization and your donation is fully tax deductible. Thank you for your help in making a dream come true for our team. 





What is LaBlast?

After working with celebrities on Dancing With The Stars, Louis Van Amstel knew that he had to develop a fitness program around Ballroom dancing because of the amazing results he saw from both Lisa Rinna and Kelly Osbourne. He wanted to create something that stayed true to the form and origins of the Ballroom and Latin dances but was accessible to all. LaBlast was born.

Louis's motto of "if you can clap it, you can dance it" is the core of the program. He breaks down each dance into basic steps, which are the true basics of the dances. The program then builds from these steps to create a workout program that is easily modifiable, highly energetic and above all, fun. 

So, what does LaBlast have to do with the Special Olympics?

Currently, dance is not a recognized sport at the Special Olympics, although there is a competition. Dancers have always tread a fine line between artist and athlete. 

Louis joined forces with Pierre Gider, an organizer, to change the perception of dance as fitness. Louis knew if he could use his program to show the athleticism of LaBlast dancers, we stood a chance of helping dancers with special needs to be recognized. 

Our team not only uses LaBlast in our choreography and classes, but also as outreach. By utilizing a proven method that is easily accessible and easily modifiable for all abilities, we hope to show other people with special needs that both a dancing and a healthy lifestyle is something that truly is for everyone.