Robyn Lindsey


Founder and Artistic Director of RL Dance Company, Robyn started her dance journey at the age of 4. After pursuing her dance degree from John Moores University in Liverpool, England, she taught, trained, competed and performed all over the world, including London, Ohio and Texas. Robyn teaches ballet, contemporary, hip hop and ballroom dance along with Pilates, yoga and LaBlast fitness programs.


Alicia Gogue

 Alicia works at the School of the Incarnation as a teaching assistant in the classroom and in the extended care program.  She is very flexible and loves to dance.  At the World Special Olympics cycling competition in 2015, she competed on Team USA and received 2 silver medals in the 2k and 5K events.  She is also a downhill skier in the AACo Special Olympics.  She currently serves as a Special Olympics Ambassador.


Andrew Scardefield

 Andrew graduated from Severna Park high School in 2012 and attended Anne Arundel Community College.  In 2014, he participated in the Project Search Program sponsored by Anne Arundel Medical Center and obtained full time employment after graduation.  Andrew is a member of the AACo Special Olympics and he has extensive completion experience in softball, bocce, track and field, power lifting, basketball and golf.  His interest in dance has been purely for fun as he is usually up for any new challenge.


Robert Wallop

Robert is a senior at Broadneck High School and was accepted into the Project Search work training program at Anne Arundel Medical Center in the fall.   He is the reigning 2015 World Special Olympics Individual Dance Champion.  As part of the AACo Special Olympics, he participated in the track and field championships in Towson in 2016.  He would like to continue to pursue a career in dancing, modeling and in becoming a Special Olympics Ambassador.

WALLOP ROBERT - dancer.jpg

Michelle Fitzhenry

Michelle graduated from North County High School in 2012. She graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in Exercise Science in 2016. She plans to attend the doctoral program in physical therapy at the University of South Florida in the fall of 2017. She has a passion for helping people achieve their personal fitness goals.


Michael Wallop

Michael graduated from Annapolis Area Christian School in 2013.  He is currently a junior at Salisbury University with a major in International Business.  He enjoys traveling and interacting with people of all backgrounds and abilities. 

WALLOP MICHAEL - typical dancer and volunteer.jpg

JD Wallop

JD graduated from Kent Island high school in 2011 and went on to graduate from the University of West Florida with a degree in exercise science in 2016. He plans to attend the doctoral program in physical therapy at University of South Florida in the fall of 2017. He enjoys his current position of training Navy and Air Force ROTC cadets for their physical fitness (PSA) testing.


Jordan Hogan

Jordan is a fun-loving, active 25 year old who loves dancing, horseback riding and spending time with friends. He currently dances with Miracles in Motion Dance Troupe in Richmond, Virginia. He has been a model for our local GAP clothing and he is employed by Spot On Therapy Group. His biggest achievement has been performing live on stage with celebrity artists that include Jason Mraz, Sarah Bareilles, Robbin Thompson, Chris Stills, Susan Greenbaum and others.